Settling in visits...

Settling in visits is an exciting time for you and your child. We offer these to all new families, it’s really important to introduce them gradually so you and your child becomes familiar to the nursery, in doing this your child can settle comfortably. Children need time to bond with their key person and to become familiar with the nurseries routines and also to integrate the excellent work you have started. Children also need to get  used to our beautiful environments in order to feel happy and safe. We build on this approach gradually giving you absolute peace of mind that they are happy and content. We always advise when parents leave, they should be advised to say goodbye to their child and explain that they will be coming back, and when. The length of time your child is left for can gradually be increased as they grow in confidence.

It is advisable to arrange times for a settling-in visit when your child is normally at their most content, ie not hungry, tired or under the weather

Settling in Sessions

  • You can spend some time getting to know the person who will be your child’s main carer at nursery
  • Your key person can find out lots of information from you about your child’s routines, favourite activities and how they like to be comforted
  • Your child can familiarise themselves with their surroundings and new people, whilst still having the person they love most nearby
  • Your child will learn that although you will leave them at nursery sometimes, you will always come back
  • Seeing what a lovely time the other children are having at nursery will really help you feel more confident about leaving your little one in our care